The COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed the demand for homes, and property flippers are positioned to have a successful year. However, the coronavirus has changed the way homebuyers and property flippers approach the selling process. The focus on health safety can make property showings challenging, but there are a few tricks property flippers can employ to keep business moving.

1. Clean end disinfect the property

Everyone expects a property to be clean for a showing, but to prevent health risks, property flippers need to take extra care both before and after showings. Wipe down surfaces, fixtures, and door handles after showing a property, and make sure to perform regular cleanings, either daily or weekly.

2. Limit foot traffic

The concept of the open house showing is on hold right now. Sellers should allow potential buyers to see a property, but proper social distancing should be employed. Large groups should be discouraged, and plotting a specific route through the home will help to minimize health risks.

3. Hand out house showing kits

Some property flippers have gone one step beyond the usual safety precautions by putting together kits for potential buyers. Typically, these kits contain a disposable face mask, hand wipes, and a small container of topical disinfectant. Showing that you care about potential buyers goes a long way in building trust and moving the experience closer to a sale.

5. Take the entire process online

Many property investors are eliminating in-person showings completely. Instead, they are creating virtual tours, complete with video, pictures, floor plans, and audio to describe each room, as well as details about the schools, work commutes, shopping, nightlife, and other important aspects of the neighborhood. Potential homeowners are embracing this idea, and are even making offers online. While closings typically require all parties to be present in the same room, precautions can be made to minimize health risks. Online showing can also streamline operations when property flippers are managing multiple houses at one time.

If you need financing for your next property flip, contact the experts at The Capital Rams. We offer programs specifically designed for property flippers. We can also arrange financing without requiring in-person visits to streamline the process and minimize health risks. Reach out to our offices today to get started.