Commercial real estate markets are opening up, providing a number of opportunities to property investors. At the same time, securing adequate financing through traditional lending channels is becoming more difficult. Property investors need a reliable and accessible source of capital to finance commercial projects.

Traditional Lenders Are Tightening Requirements

There are a number of challenges facing property investors right now. The COVID-19 pandemic along with perceived economic uncertainty are moving traditional lenders to raise their requirements in order to minimize their own risks. Minimum credit and collateral requirements are tightening, so property investors are less likely to get approved for commercial projects. Additionally, long processing times are causing project delays, and in some situations property investors are missing potentially lucrative time-sensitive opportunities. One of the major obstacles facing property investors is that traditional lenders look at the current value of real estate involved in commercial projects, instead of the overall profitability after construction and renovation. Property investors need an efficient and accessible source of financing with fast processing times to carry out commercial projects successfully.

Financing Solutions for Commercial Projects

At the heart of this, traditional lenders understand the finance arena, not commercial properties. To find adequate financing for commercial projects, property investors need to work with partners who understand real estate markets, and who can structure solutions tailored to not only the scope of those projects, but who will consider the overall profitability of the project once completed. Financing solutions such as stated income loans, bridge and hard money loans, and others are fast, efficient, and accessible. These financing solutions are structured around the overall value of commercial projects, and can be arranged without having to traverse a sea of red tape to access the funds you need.

Get Your Commercial Projects Financed

At The Capital Rams, we specialize in solutions for commercial projects of every size. Our team has the years of experience in commercial real estate, as well as the depth of knowledge in the finance arena, to provide fast and accessible solutions to ensure your commercial projects are successful. Contact The Capital Rams today to learn more about our financing programs for commercial projects.