As the United States moves towards economic recovery after months of disruption, property investors are forming strategies to make acquisitions to generate revenue and to grow their portfolios. While not every property submarket is booming right now, there is still a silver lining even in commercial real estate sectors that are currently down.

Residential Property Markets

Residential markets are on the upswing, opening up a number of opportunities for property investors who want to focus on fix and flip projects, as well as rentals. People across the country are looking for new places to live, either because of job changes, growing families, or because pandemic restrictions have limited their lives and livelihoods in their current neighborhoods. Whatever the reason, the demand for homes and apartments is on the rise, giving property investors the opportunity to boost their income over the upcoming months. Property buying and renovations are in full swing because the residential market is full of people who are eager to buy and rent.

Office and Retail Space

Office and retail property markets may be trending downward, but there are still opportunities for property investors. Taking a long view of the economy, businesses will start to reopen – and already have in certain states. Retail is slowly shifting back from an online-only presence, and businesses that moved their employees to remote roles will be bringing them back into their offices. For property investors that want to grow their portfolios, now is the time to acquire retail and office space at a lower price point than in previous months. By purchasing low and performing renovations, property investors can position themselves to greatly increase their revenue as the economy recovers.

Industrial and Storage

Storage, industrial properties, and manufacturing facilities continue to lead the list of non-residential commercial real estate earners. These properties are consistent money-makers, but their revenue potential rose once the pandemic hit. Businesses shifted to e-commerce, which increased the demand for storage and industrial properties, and manufacturing has kicked into high-gear to meet the demands of consumers, businesses, and the healthcare sector. Industrial and storage properties are part of the foundation of our economy, so they are safe and lucrative long-term investments.

Financing for Property Investors

Despite numerous commercial real estate opportunities, traditional lenders are tightening their requirements for property investors, making it harder to get adequate financing to purchase and renovate properties. At The Capital Rams, we specialize in financing solutions for investment properties nationwide. From fix and flip projects to office and industrial space, our team provides accessible financing programs tailored to your needs. Contact our offices today to get started.